Farmhouse Decor Ideas

If you're anything like me, one of my favorite styles is Farmhouse Decor!  It brings back that old school charm and just makes everything so warm and cozy.  Here's a few of my favorite decor ideas.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors

One of my absolute favorite parts of Farmhouse Décor is using sliding barn doors on the interior of your home to give it a classic Farmhouse style décor.  Whether you leave the doors a rustic natural wood style, or paint them with a certain finish, sliding barn doors are a great way to add some farmhouse charm to your home.   This style has become so popular it’s easy to find all the parts you need to do it yourself at your local hardware store. You buy a track to go above the door, add your favorite style of door, whether it’s wood or painted, and you’re all set.  Sliding barn doors are very practical because they can easily divide up spaces without taking up a lot of space the way a typical door would. I love this farmhouse idea and even moreso, the look!


When I think Shiplap, I think of watching Chip and Joanna Gaines on their home improvement show “Fixer Upper”.  Joanna is always so thrilled when she finds shiplap!! It’s a quintessential farmhouse style look for your interior walls in any room in your home. Shiplap refers to the horizontal panels of wood that are about 6-8 inches wide. They typically were used to make ships which is where the name comes from! You can do walls, ceilings or just accent walls with shiplap wood. They come in many different colors to fit anyone’s desire.

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire?  Yup, it’s an easy and affordable way to add some Farmhouse touches to your home. You probably know chicken wire that is typically used on farms to fence in chickens and other small animals. It’s made of thin strips of wire that are usually formed in a hexagonal pattern.  In farmhouse décor, many people use it in their hutches in place of glass, it just ads a little bit of that “farm” feeling!

Distressed Décor Look

Another thing that definitely makes me think farmhouse is distressed decor. Distressed decorating just makes things look a bit older and worn-in. You can distress just about anything in your home, from lamps to beds to nightstands to especially that kitchen table! If you watch Fixer Upper like me, you’ll notice that Joanna Gaines actually walks through her homes and manually distresses objects as a finishing touch! Nowadays, if you’re looking to distress something, Chalk Paint has become very popular!  It’s easy to use and you can paint over anything with little to no prep.  Then just grab a piece of sand paper and distress away!

There are many, many other ways to achieve that Farmhouse Décor look, including whitewash furniture, adding reclaimed wood accents, graphic tin signs and yet another one of my favorites, wrought iron!  Whatever it is that you choose, I’m sure it will be warm, cozy and inviting!

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