We’ve all had that dream of planting and growing our own Christmas tree for a variety of reasons, it’s environmentally friendly and not to mention very rewarding as you see something you cared and nurtured for grow and mature to be something useful and beautiful. Basically planting and growing your very own Christmas tree involves three phases which we will be getting to in this guide.

The first phase is all about caring for your tree indoors. Whether you buy your tree or find one in the woods, it’s important at this phase to really give extra care to your tree. Carefully inspect it’s root ball for any damage to the roots, this can be easily done by moving the tree gently from side to side and make sure the trunk does not move around inside the root ball. Keep the tree inside for about a week to 10 days and see to it that it is in a cool spot like a window where it could still receive some light. Make sure to water the tree and acclimate it back to the colder temperatures outside after spending a week or two in your home. Leave it on your porch and for about a week while continuing to water it ends the first phase.

The second phase is digging a hole for planting the tree outside. Dig a hole as early as possible especially if you live in colder temperature places as the ground might freeze over the nearer it gets to winter. Choose an open and sunny spot and dig wide, not deep. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball to give a chance for the roots to spread but don’t go any deeper than the root ball since you don’t want it too far below soil level. Remember to keep the soil you dug up as you will be covering the hole back with it after.

The last phase is planting your tree. Place the tree in the center of the hole as much as possible, this might require a two man job depending on the size of your tree. Hold it upright and fill the hole back in. Continue to always water your tree while monitoring the soil to ensure your tree is as healthy as possible and you should have no problem keeping that tree alive.