The Christmas tree. An iconic symbol of everyone’s favorite time of the year. What better way to usher in the holidays than planting one of these right pat in the middle of your living room, by the fire place, right beside your favorite Christmas stocking, looking at it with your favorite cup of egg nog. This famous yuletide symbol really has a way of bringing in the yuletide feels. For the regular consumer trees are all the same. For this yuletide season let’s get up to speed on the many kinds of trees that are out there to take your living room up a notch and give it the best Christmas ambiance ever.

We have put together a list of the best possible options to make sure you’re picking the right tree for you and your home.

Balsam Fir 

One of the more popular Christmas trees in the market today, the Balsam fir is an evergreen tree popularly knowns for its conical shape and dense, dark-green leaves that are flat and needle like. The leaves also have hints of shining silvery – white, which are commonly found on Christmas wreaths and bouquets. This tree will not only increase the aesthetic feel of your home, but the aroma as well filling it with that spicy Christmas scent. This Christmas beauty can also grow up to 66 feet tall.

Fraser Fir

Known for its amazing smell, the yellow-green branches of the Fraser fir feature a cone like shape with branches that point slightly upward. Those are also known for being extra tough which makes it a great place to hang your heavy Christmas Ornaments. The leaves on this tree are needle like and this particular yuletide wonder can grow up to 50 feet tall.

Canaan Fir

Known for its uncanny similarities to the first two trees mentioned in this article, the Canaan Fir is really more of combination of the first two. This one is a medium growing evergreen tree that displays an amazing needle like retention, similar to the Fraser fir. It’s leaves are flat and needle-like with a nice green color. Finally, this tree is native to the mountains of West Virginia and is a newcomer to the Christmas tree market.

Douglas Fir

Want your Christmas tree to stand out? The Douglar Fir will definitely get that done for you. This fir tree is pyramid shaped with amazing blue or dark green leaves and has one of the richest scents amongst all of the Christmas trees on this list. These grow from a medium size to extremely large with a maximum height of 330 feet tall. Just to let you readers know, this fir tree makes up nearly half of all Christmas trees in the great state of America.

Grand Fir

The name says it all. This fir tree is one of larger Christmas trees native to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. These bad boys can grow up to 230 feet tall. This tree features bi colored needles and yellow green hues including a white stripe beneath the needle. This one also produces amazing, thick foliage and gives off that aromatic, spicy Christmas tree scent.

Noble Fir

This fir tree has the capability to grow up to 230 feet tall. The dense branches are evenly spaced along the trunk of this magnificent evergreen beauty. Native to the Pacific Northwest, the noble fir displays needle like leaves that tend to curve upward, which, similar to the Fraser Fir, makes it a very good option for your heavy-handed Christmas decorations.

Concolor Fir

Dubbed the “White Fir”, this Christmas tree is knowns for its flattened, needle like leaves that are pointed at the tip. As it grows, the concolor fir features more blue green colored leaves, but as it ages further down the road, the leave turn into a duller green hue.

White Pine

Now this Christmas beauty is unique as it highlights needles that grow in fascicles or bundles. With bluish-green hues and pointed tips, the branches of this Christmas beauty are flexible and nearly odorless. This one though, compared to the other trees in this article is a bit more sensitive and we would not recommend that you hang heavy ornaments or large decorations on this as the branches are not that strong. On the bright side, pine trees can live up to 400 years and grow to a height of about 230 feet tall.

Scotch Pine

A common Christmas tree option, this one has dark green foliage and sturdy branches, which are perfect for Christmas lights and decorations. This pine tree can grow as tall as 115 feet, making it one of the biggest on this list. Needles range in color from blue-green to a darker green in the wintertime and grow in fascicles or groups of two. This tree is also known for its long-term needle retention meaning you will not have to do as much cleaning as you thought you would when the yuletide season is over. This tree, for giggles, is also the national tree of Scotland.

Virginia Pine

One of the more recognizable trees due to its short and twisted needles that grows in pairs, this tree features short branches with dense foliage that respond when trimmed. This tree can also grow up to 70 feet tall

Blue Spruce

Also knowns as the Colorado blue spruce, its waxy gray blue needles curve upwards to give it a more distinct look. Indigenous to the rocky mountains of the United States, this tree features dense foliage that grows in a cone like shape anywhere up to 75 feet tall. This tree, for all you Christmas tree lovers out there, is said to have “the perfect Christmas tree shape”. Add to the fact that this is also the national tree of Colorado.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is a quick growing evergreen coniferous tree that can grow up to 180 feet tall. Needle like leaves and a dark green hue feature with pointed tips, this spruce is most notably a species that is native to Europe. Needle retention for this particular tree is poor so make sure to take proper care and water it correctly.

White Spruce

With nicknames such as the Canadian spruce, the skunk spruce, the western white spruce and a handful of other names, the White spruce makes it on our list as one of the more popular trees in the Christmas tree market today. This one is a large tree that grows to heights of up to 130 feet tall. With needle-like leaves that are short and sturdy in a blue-green color, this spruce is a viable option for all of your lights and ornaments.

Arizona Cypress

Native to the Southwestern United States this medium-sized evergreen tree can grow up to 60 feet tall. Leaves of this particular cypress are a bluish-gray color and have branches that grow in a conical shape.

Leyland Cypress

This tree on our countdown has the distinct feature of one that is odorless so if you are looking to aromatically enhance your yuletide living room, this one might not be the best option. With feathery leaves that are in a greenish-grey color and grow upward, this tree outlines a unique, pyramid like shape. Fun fact, this tree can grow as high as 70 feet tall.

Red Cedar

More popularly known as the Eastern Red Cedar, pencil cedar and aromatic cedar, this yuletide beauty has branches that are dense and pyramid like in shape. The leaves point upwards and a dark shiny green color. Slow growing in nature, these have been recorded at heights of over 40 feet tall. This tree is more commonly found in areas like Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

There is really no better way to spend the holidays and usher in the season with a Christmas tree, as it is one of the most famous symbols for everyone’s favorite time of the year. Our best advice when picking one though is to choose one that best fits the aesthetic requirements of your home. You can choose from a variety of identifiers from the color tone of the room, to the overall ambiance, however way you spin it, as long as you are able to capture the essence of the yuletide season in your home in your own way, you cannot go wrong. For more detailed tips on how to choose, a Christmas tree stay tuned for more articles.