I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves and wondered every time we see big and beautiful Christmas tree as to what type of tree it really is. We drive or even trek through numerous woods and forests and see a ton of trees but it never seems to be that big Christmas tree you see in the center of malls and hotels. This guide will teach you the most popular trees that can be made into a Christmas tree.

First is the Fir tree, this dates back to the times of the pilgrims as they used this during the celebration of winter festivals. For Christmas purposes, the best types include Balsam Fir – for it’s short and dense branches for ease of decorations, Douglas Fir with its fine needles along with its lovely scent and Spanish Fir which is best when it is still young and possess its conical shape. These types of Fir are ideal they have aromatic foliage and they do not shed many of their needles when they get dry.

Second is the Pine tree. Most of these trees are evergreen and bear acorns. These give a great aesthetic value to any season especially around the holidays where they are widely popular as not only do they possess an aromatic scent, but also their stiff branches are strong enough to hold heavy ornaments. The most commonly used once are Scotch and Virginia Pine.

Third are Spruce trees. Their evergreen nature and conical shape make this a favorite among a large number of the population. In fact most artificial trees today are patterned after the Spruce tree. The most common of these used for the holiday season is the Colorado Blue Spruce as this can grow up to six feet long but its blue color and almost perfect cone shape makes it a beautiful choice for the holidays.

Lastly are Cedar trees. Specifically the Eastern Red Cedar, which is native to the southern United States. They are preferred for their piney aroma, natural pyramid crown and low maintenance. It’s needles are dark and green in color which are also very shiny and prickly. This tree along with any other tree mentioned above would surely give your Christmas a more festive and beautiful look.